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How to Confront Economic Crisis?

For most logistic companies, last year is very tough, take shipping companies for instance, the freight is very cheap, but still worse business. Because exporting situation is hostile, and this year it is getting better, but a long way to recover. So we need to be persistent! The only way is reducing expenditure to increase income.

In Nanjing, there are many pallet racking manufacturing companies, but few of them have large orders, some of them even don’t have any order. That’s really a bad signal for the situation, how long will such situation last? Nobody can answer it. But one thing is confirmed, that is those who can survive in such tough situation, they will do great in the future!

Hengxin Racking wants to be such a company. We will do our best in our sales and meanwhile optimize the management to reduce expenditure. 

Every Friday afternoon, we hold a meeting talking about the business, how to find customers, how to communicate with them, how to do customer maintenance, how to improve efficiency etc. Also we talk about how to reduce the management expenditure in manufacturing--cost control. When we communicate with customers, we usually learn enough about customer’s requirements, customer’s company, and convention standard in their countries, etc. All of this helps us make the most suitable product meet customer’s requirements.

We have a qualified team of engineers and workers, who are constantly devising better ways to raise quality standards and new designs to enhance customer satisfaction. We have an effective and considerate after sale service.

All the capacities we have will help us to secure the market place not only in domestic pallet racking market but also in abroad market. Most of our orders are from European markets and US markets, whose feedbacks are inspiring.

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