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Pallet Racking Install and Safety Guide (1)

Pallet racking is properly assembled and maintained imperatively to get the most from you storage pallet racking system. The information below will assist you with your responsibility of providing a safe storage racking system.

Improper pallet racking assembly can reduce efficiency and pose safety risks. If you are not familiar with pallet racking assembly you should contact Hengxin Pallet racking for professional advice.

It is imperative that pallet racking structures are installed in a plumb, level, and square fashion. Since most floors aren’t perfectly flat shims are often required. A four foot long carpenter’s level is great for checking level and plumb specs on a storage pallet racking of reasonable size. A vertical tolerance of 1/8” in 4 feet is generally acceptable. “Nut and Bolt” connections are to be tightened to a snug and secure condition.
Do not use beams with damaged or missing safety locks.Every Column of each pallet racking frame must be anchored to a sufficient concrete floor.

Be cautious when mixing new and existing parts. Components from the same company can vary in design. Manufacturers often modify basic designs over the years to improve performance. These differences can affect safety and lead to dangerous situations.

Never climb on pallet racking during or after assembly. Storage pallet racking is not designed to be stepped or climbed on. Serious injury may result from doing this. It is your responsibility to communicate this warning to those who use and come into the area of your storage system. Prominently placed signs are very helpful, especially if your pallet racking is in a retail environment.

Allow adequate aisle spacing. Aisles those are too narrow for handling equipment increase the danger of collisions between lifting equipment and pallet racking structure. Collisions can result in items falling or broken products.

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