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Pallet Racking Install and Safety Guide (2)

Pallet racking systems need to be placed carefully. Remember to maintain sufficient clearances around loads. These include clearances dictated by fire codes (between loads in back to back rows and overhead between top load and ceiling structure), also between adjacent loads horizontally and between loads and pallet racking horizontal and vertical members. Tight clearances decrease handling speed, increase fire risk and the likelihood of damage to pallet racking systems.

Install good lighting in every rack aisle. Good lighting improves handling efficiency, prevents accidents and reduces damage to pallet racking systems.Install optional column protectors at aisle facing columns, and guard rails at ends of pallet racking rows. These devices provide a physical and visual barrier against handling equipment impacts. Material Flow has a large selection of these devices.

Do not cut, weld or in any other way modify any component of your Cascade storage pallet racking. These modifications can jeopardize the structural integrity of your pallet racking structure. Any modification except performed or authorized in writing by Material Flow personnel will make null and void any warranties and guarantees.

Use only high quality pallet racking. Broken, cracked, or poor quality pallets can cause falls from racks, or cause dynamic racks to become jammed or inoperable.

Perform regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance at least once a year.


  All hardware for tightness (including anchors)
  All beam safety locks for operation and engagement
  All racks plumb, square, level
  No dents, knicks, or damaged components
  Load sizes and weights match original specs.
  Check finish, touch up chips or scratches to prevent corrosion


Replace damaged or missing beam safety locks immediately! Do not use beams without safety locks.
Minimize contact between storage pallet racking and handling equipment. This is the key to improving pallet racking longevity. Educate pallet racking users to avoid dropping loads onto rack, how to position material correctly and how to report rack damage.
Do not overload any pallet racking system or component. Storage racking is designed for specific weights. Overloading pallet racking can result in damaged .

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