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Pallet Racking Lock

Pallet racking lock is useful in a pallet racking system releasable locking one end of a shelf beam to an upright column. The column has a plurality of vertically spaced locking apertures. The racking lock includes a rock lock plate fixed to the shelf beam and situation substantially parallel to the upright column. A load bearing stud is fixed to the lock plate. The stud is positioned in a less part of a locking aperture.

Pallet racking systems are used widely in many industry fields. For example, to palletized the food other commodities. Typically a palletized commodity will be off loaded from a truck, and a motorized pallet handler will move the palletized commodity to a storage area having pallet racking. Pallet racking is used to conserve floor space. It is satisfied to stack the pallets on racking to allow the palletized materials to be selectively removed from the storage area.

Typically, the pallet racking have vertically spaced locking apertures in columns. Shelf beams are connected to the columns at the locking apertures by a releasable pallet racking lock. Between shelves beams of a pallet racking in some operations, the height of the space are necessarily adjusted selectively. A shelf beam includes a pallet racking lock on each end. By this way can keep the safety to much extend of the pallet racking and the goods.

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