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Pallet Racking of Bulk Storage Solutions & Systems

Conventional Bulk Storage Pallet Racking
Many warehouses require storage for palletized materials that categorized by a wide range of sku numbers. In most cases, these warehouses also need to control their stock by accessing each pallet by individual sku directly and quickly. For these facilities, SMP Construction recommends the use of conventional bulk storage pallet racking. The pallet racking can be purchased through our organization in either used or new condition, and they can be built either single-depth or double-depth in nature. Double-depth storage pallet racking are ideal for tight spaces where pallets have to be placed one in front of the other on each side of the aisle.

Bulk Storage Pallet Racking
In other instances, a warehouse dealing with perishable items (such as food products or pharmaceuticals), may require rapid removal of pallets from the racking system. For these companies, live bulk storage pallet racking are often the key to space management and time to market efficiency. Live storage systems use gravity inclined flow pallet racking that allow pallets to slide down to other side of the deck at a controlled, predictable pace. This facilitates safe and rapid pallet turnover and is a remarkable time saver when punch-out time rolls around, and the job has been finished early with no need for costly overtime.

Drive-in Bulk Storage Pallet Racking
For storage centers that have high numbers of pallets per article type and experience low levels of turnover for homogeneous products, drive-in racking can efficiently consolidate up to 85% of previously wasted storage space. One way that drive-in bulk storage pallet racking accomplishes this is by eliminating aisle space between racking, allowing the racking themselves to hold as many article types as there are loading aisles. Again, we can build these systems from either used or new components, and design them with either single-side access or access from both front and back.

Push-back Bulk Storage Racking Systems
If a warehouse is already bursting at the seams with too many products organized in too poor a fashion, push-back bulk storage pallet racking are ideal space savers that also bring an added time management benefit to the table. This is because we build the pallet racking with trolleys that move along rolling rails that are slightly inclined. When a pallet is removed from one end, the others slide down slightly to fill the gap. Loading and unloading is easily done from the central aisle.


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