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Thoughts on Modern Warehousing and Storage

The industrial position of modern warehousing and Storage

1.  Why to fix position for modern warehousing and storage?

1.1 Under the management environment of global supply chains, raw materials and goods storage will be under controlled effectively, but it does not mean that the areas of warehouses will be reduced greatly. On the contrary, areas of single warehouses will become bigger and bigger, while total areas of social warehouses keep growing year by year. In addition, in the warehouse equipments, racks and shelving such as pallet racking, drive in racks has become an important part of the modern warehousing and storage.

1.2 under the management environment of global supply chains, warehousing and storage has not on its way down, but its performances and functions have been improved immensely which make warehousing and storage resolved into the management of supply chain. For example, there are not only comprehensive logistic enterprises with full functions but also professional modern storage and transportation enterprises in developed countries.

1.3 in the time of global supply chains, financial capitals took various kinds of financial services relying on warehouse storage equipments, such as logistic banks, warehouse receipt financing. Many investment banks and real estate funds all put their target on this logistics industry which brings many stable benefits. As a result the industry scale becomes larger and larger.

2.   How to fix position for modern warehousing and Storage?

2.1 in national economy, it belongs to modern service industry and producer service.

2.2 In modern logistics, it is one of the basic operation forms, and it is the foundation

2.3 In supply chains, warehousing and storage is the important node and regulation center.

3.  The meaning of Modern Warehousing and Storage

3.1   in current tasks, it soften the over popularity of logistics.

3.2   On theories, by reasonable consideration to perfect logistics theories.

3.3   On development, warehousing and storage guides a larger number of middle and small storage enterprises.

Major Features of Modern Warehousing and Storage

1.  Basic functions of modern warehousing and storage: assist the supply chair to run steadily by using pallet racking or heavy duty pallet racking to store goods periodically.

2.  The essential features of modern warehousing and storage

2.1   Becomes warehousing and storage management in supply chains from isolated warehouse management

2.2   From space management to space, time and quantity management

2.3   From close type management to the close partnership with supply chains.

3.  Compared with traditional Warehousing and Storage, the major features of Modern Warehousing and Storage

Management objects: From warehousing management to goods management Management style: from manual, table filling to information system Management methods: from extensive to regulated, exquisite and independent Service objects: from single enterprise to supply chains Service functions: from solely storage to systematical value added services Operating Type: from simple, duplicate to multi-component and fins sorted. Why to fix position for modern pallet racking?

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