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Light Duty Racking

Light duty racking has the advantages of simple structure, pleasing in appearance and being easy to install and demolish. The height of each beam is easy to adjust freely by a pitch of 50mm. Each level will load up to 150kg under the condition of the uniform force. The surface of the light duty racking adapts the electrostatic and this approach makes it anti-corrosion and anti-rust. These racks are mainly used in supermarket, warehouse of the enterprise and some other institutions.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever rack is mainly used for the storage of materials with long shape, such as rolled section steel, tubes, plates etc. uprights of a cantilever rack usually adapt the H-shaped steel or Cold-rolled steel. Loads maybe handled manually when they are lightweight or by using lift trucks or other appropriate lifting systems when heavy items are involved. The height of the shelf is usually under the 2.5 meters (if use the forklift, the height will reach to 6 meters.) The length of the arms is under 1.5metres, and each arm loads within 1000kg. Cantilever racings are mainly used in the field of machinery manufacturing and building material markets.

Platform Racking (2)

Platform racking usually uses medium-type shelf or heavy shelf-type racking as the support of the main body and the floor panels. Floor panels usually select the cold-rolled steel slab, the pattern of steel slab or steel grating floor. But recent years,it is popular to use cold-rolled steel slab. This steel slab has lots of advantages, such as strong load-bearing capacity, good overall performance, high accuracy, smooth surface and easy to control etc.

Guide to Storage Racks

Industrial storage racks are the cornerstone of any warehouse or distribution center system. With the right warehouse racks, pallet racks and shelving racks, you can ensure the safety of your products, facilitate storage and retrieval needs, increase efficiency, improve inventory tracking and lower your overall storage costs. Proper storage equipment also helps keep your employees safe when storing, retrieving or moving materials and merchandise.

When shopping for warehouse racks, keep the following in mind:

1. The size and weight of the items you’ll be storing on your storage racks.
2. The length of time items will be stored on the warehouse racks.
3. The configuration of industrial storage racks and how they will fit within your space.

Platform Racking(1)

Platform racking system refers to a rack that is built on the base of the existing workplace. To make full use of available space and meet actual demands, platform can be flexibly designed into one layer or multiple layers based on the design specifications of steel structures. It consists of medium-type shelf or heavy shelf-type rocking, and it is easy to access a number of light foam and small and medium-sized pieces of goods. The goods will be carried to the second floor or the third floor of a platform racking by a forklift, snorkels or ladders, and with the light vehicle or hydraulic pallet truck, the goods can be sent to designated locations.