Choose the Best Pallet for Your Pallet Racking

To determine pallet capacity limitations, it is important to understand the different pallet racking types available, the orientation of the pallet in the rack and how the pallet will be supported. Keep these rack specifications in mind, whether you’re shopping for pallets or for rack:

Edge Rackable (Unsupported) - When racked, the pallet gets support only on two edges of the pallet with no central support. This could be a drive-in pallet racking or a standard/structural rack with no center support; different capacities apply, depending on the rails and orientation of the pallet in the rack. Only select pallets are suitable for this true edge-rack storage.

Standard Rack (Partially Supported) - When racked, the pallet gets support on the front and back edge, as well as central support from a 2″ x 4″ wood plank or other support positioned perpendicular to the rails.

Not Rackable (Full Support) – Lightweight and medium-duty pallets are designed only for floor loading or to stack on other pallets. These pallets are not recommended for racking unless the pallet racking system is fully supported by wire/mesh or other decking to provide equivalent support the pallet would receive on the floor.

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